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Individual Therapy

What is Individual Therapy?

Getting the proper support is an essential part of overcoming your specific issues. You are an individual with unique needs, so you need a unique treatment program.

In individual therapy, your treatment is tailored to your particular needs. Your history and other personal factors are taken into account.

Individual Therapy in Delray Beach, Florida

Who is Individual Therapy For?

Individual therapy can be effective for a number of issues including the following:

–      Anxiety Disorders

–      Eating Disorders

–      Depression

–      Grief and Loss

–      Addictions (Gambling, Drugs, Alcohol, Etc.)

–      Codependency

–      Anger management

–      Family problems

This list is by no means exclusive. Only a trained specialist can determine whether individual therapy is the right way of dealing with your particular case.

The Benefits of Individual Therapy

One-on-one treatment with a trained professional has many advantages.

First, the focus is solely on you in individual therapy. This personalized attention gives you and your therapist the chance to understand your situation wholly and without distractions. You and your therapist can identify key patterns and factors that are holding you back and then work to resolve your specific issues.

Another benefit of individual therapy is confidentiality. Individual therapy provides a safe place for you to share your experiences without judgment. Only you and your therapist know what is being said in individual therapy. By providing you with such a nurturing environment, you are more likely to be open about your experiences, which in turn can help you move toward healthier solutions.

What Can I Expect From Individual Therapy?

Together, you and your therapist can develop strategies to effect positive change and achieve growth. Some results seen by clients include positive lifestyle changes, stress relief, improved relationships and increased self esteem.

We collectively will develop an individual treatment plan designed to your specific needs for personal, professional, and relational growth.

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