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The Stress of Storms

The effects of trauma this hurricane season have cut to the core for many of us. From Texas to Florida, we now share an understanding, a unity, and a much deeper compassion for one another.

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Trapped in A Fugue: Jimmy’s Story

Trapped in a Fugue: Jimmy's Story Article

He was the first-born male in a loving Jewish family. He came into the world destined for greatness and surrounded with love. He fulfilled every family prophecy and expectation throughout school, and became class valedictorian. He graduated with honors, scored a nearly perfect score on the SAT test, and was accepted by every college to which he applied, except Princeton. He never got over the fact that Princeton had turned him down.

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Safe At Last… Or Is She?

Mindy Appel, LLC - Florida Therapist press

This is Nicole’s story – a courageous 18-year old Louisiana State University student, whose life drastically changed on Monday morning, July 24, 2000, as she parked her car in the customary place in front of the mall and anticipated a day of work at Williams Sonoma.

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